MIZARU – stage performance

Mizaru Performance 2013

MIZARU was originally developed as a stage performance with 20 dancers, several interactive installations and multiple projections. It was created in residence at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center in NYC from 2012 – 2013.

Choreographer: Kiori Kawai
Composer: Aaron Sherwood
New media artists: Aaron Sherwood, Mike Allison, Johann Diedrick

Performers: Kiori Kawai, Masanori Asahara, Marjolayne Auger, Kanako Yokota, Emi Ueda, Hsiao-Wei, Hsiao-Ting, Prema Kelley, Laurence Martin, Tia Huston, Sammy Donahue, Kashimi Asai, Pavel Y. Machuca-Zavarzin, Ayaka Habata, Suzanne Beahrs, Lauren Kelly, Shandoah Goldman, Arisa Kusumi, Peter Musante

Video shot by E. Adkins & C. Lopez
Photographer: Momo Nakayama

*This piece made possible in part with funding from the Tribeca Performing Arts Center, the Puffin Foundation and Huawei.


Water in the Desert – performance

Water in the Desert

“Water in the Desert” is a multimedia/dance/music performance developed in residence at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center from 2011 – 2012.

The story line follows a fragmented and disillusioned people as they decide to search within themselves for answers they can’t find without. They eventually realize that we’re all a part of nature, even in the urban life. In the performance, dancers’ movements make visuals in real time, as well as creating and controlling sound. Musicians improvise along with the sounds that the dancers are creating.
2012 Tribeca Performing Arts Center, Artist in Residency Program


Concept, dance/visual director: Kiori Kawai

Music composer/director, new media programming: Aaron Sherwood


Dance: Ching-I Chang, Kevin Ho, Masanori Asahara, Marjolayne Auger, Kiori Kawai

Voice: Amy Carrigan

Violine: Jason Kao Hwang

piano: Jesse Lynch

Photograph: Momo Nakayama

Sun Moon & Stars


Saturday, April 9, 2011. 7 PM.
@ Fundaçäo de Serralves/Museu de Arte Contemporânea, Porto, Portugal

video/edit by Papagaio Loiro

Choreographer, Director: Elaine Summers

Dancer: Kiori Kawai, Thomas Körtvélyessy (from Rotterdam through Skype)

Music: Pauline Oliveros (accordion), Ione (spoken word), Jason Hwang (violin)

Video by Aaron Sherwood, Shona Masarin (images courtesy of NASA), Geoffrey Hendricks, Carol Summers, Adolfo (Gatto) Estrada, Taketo Shimada and Elaine Summers

Sun Moon & Stars is a part of SkyDance SkyTime SkyWeb.

Special thanks to NASA